During development of our E11         Say hello to the new         Experience the Evolution! Don’t miss         Only one day left until         Save the Date: June 11th,         [Werbung] Extensive testing is an         [Werbung] Next to a Concorde         Our E0711-10 is enjoying her         While we are in full         We are happy to announce         [Werbung] In December we had         Racing is a state of         Thank you everybody for your         We are in our final         The transfer of knowledge to         [Werbung wegen Nennung] We are         We are wishing a Merry         Our GreenTeam now has a         In case you didn’t know:         Our E7 driving at @formulastudent         [Werbung] When building a race         Our E0711-10 always looks fast,         Throwback to our record breaking         Good aerodynamics are an integral         [Werbung] We are happy to         🇦🇹 #greenteam #unistuttgart #formulastudent #fsa #formulastudentaustria         Ready to race 💚🏁 #greenteam #unistuttgart         Testing till sunset #greenteam #formulastudent #fsg         After our Container the track         [Ad] We are missing the