reglementThe development of a racing car for the Formula Student Electric is subject to regulations, which deliberately leave the students many freedoms in their design. This is intended to promote the creativity of the students and create an incentive for the development of individual solutions. However, since the safety of drivers and spectators is of the utmost importance, numerous safety regulations must be observed. In “Scrutineering”, the vehicle is technically approved.

When developing the Monoposto (single-seat vehicle with free-wheeling wheels), care must be taken that the power of the batteries does not exceed 80 kW and the maximum battery voltage of 400 or 600 V is not exceeded, depending on the location. In combination with modern materials and lightweight construction concepts, a very good weight to power ratio is achieved. In order to ensure the safety of the driver in the event of a crash, adequate safety structures must be demonstrated, which include, among other things, a front and side impact structure, as well as two roll bars and safety belts (based on FIA standards).