Formula Student

A short introduction

Formula Student is an international design competition for students, which basically means: a group of highly motivated students aims to construct and build a racing car that can compete at different competitions. Formula Student was established in 1981 by the “Society of Automotive Engineers” (SEA) in the US and is since 1998 also in Europe popular. The international competitions take place on racetracks in Europe, USA and Asia. Each team decides individually which competitions it wants to join. The most popular event is Formula Student Germany in Hockenheim because the most successful teams start here to compete against each other.



Besides the performance on the race track, Formula Student does also assess the results of the student engineers, the costs of the car and the marketing concept for the car.

Competition: The competition consists of eight disciplines which are evaluated differently. The disciplines are divided into two types: dynamic disciplines (green) and static disciplines (yellow). Altogether there are 1000 points at most. A strict technical inspection ensures that all teams obey the rules and regulations.

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