Foundation of the Association

About five years after the founding of the main club, the Foerderverein GreenTeam University Stuttgart was founded in December 2014. Starting in 2015, everyone has the possibility to join our support association no matter if alumni, supporter, fan or company.

The required forms can be found below.

Become a supporting member!

As a supporting member, you faciliate the work of the GreenTeam with your membership fee.

For example, in cooperation with the GreenTeam, the Foerderverein offers the framework for long-term projects such as inverter and motor development or the appropriate storage of the batteries.

Participation in events, for example representation at trade fairs or town festivals, is also part of the activities of the sponsoring association. We take on tasks for which there is usually little time during a season in the GreenTeam main club.

With your membership fee, you contribute to the long-term development of the GreenTeam. For further information, please contact fv-info@greenteam-stuttgart.de

GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart e.V.

The GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart e. V. was founded in October 2009. The project: Participation in the Formula Student Electric, which is an international design contest between students according to uniform regulations. Meanwhile there are over 90 teams worldwide.

From the outset, the electrification required a comprehensive examination of new topics: control engineering, power electronics, vehicle dynamics – these areas alone required a great deal of pioneering work for the handful of students.

The GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart has been doing very successful participations since the beginning, such as the overall victory in Hockenheim in 2010 or the second place in 2014. In addition, the GreenTeam was the overall winner of Formula Student China in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

The centerpiece of this association is the high-performance team of students, who accompany the vehicle from the first pencil strokes in the concept phase, through construction, manufacture, assembly and testing, and makes it a technical wonder.

Collaboration with the main association

Meanwhile, the team size has more than doubled compared to its beginnings. This year’s team consists of about 50 members. Correspondingly, competences can be deployed more efficiently and tasks can be better distributed.

A great deal of emphasis is placed on exchange of experiences and knowledge transfer, especially on a regular exchange of information with the large GreenTeam alumni network.

Likewise, reliable partnerships with industry and the economy have already formed. The synergy of all this, combined with the great creativity-encouraging freedom for the upcoming engineers, gives a tremendous amount of innovation in every work area.

The forms for joining the GreenTeam University Stuttgart e.V.

Enrollment declaration

Club rules

Membership fee regulations

 Resignation of the Greenteam e.V.

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