E0711-7 (2015/2016)


Technical data:

Performance: 144 kW                                  
Weight: 192 kg
Capacity: 6,8 kWh
Top Speed: 126 km/h
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h : < 2,1 s

Aerodynamik Paket mit DRS                               
Monospring System
Live Telemetrie und eigenes Datenlogging
Ölgekühlter Akkukreislauf (als einziges FS-Team)
» Full monocoque
» Aerodynamic concept mit front- und rear wing, 
  underbody and diffusor
» Layer structure optimized via software
» CFK-Lenksäule
» radialverschraubte CFK-Hybridfelgen
» CFK-Doppelquerlenker
» Radträger Aluminium gefräst
Drive train:
» 4-wheel drive with a total moment of 1800 Nm
» Motor flange with integrated planetary carriers
» optimized cooling system
» oil cooled inverter
» AMK-Inverter
» Accumulator with 6,8 kWh
» own telemetry system via 800 Mhz and 2,5 Ghz
» self developed control system and battery-management-system

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Formula Student United Kingdom


3. Place Skidpad

Formula Student Austria
Red BUll Ring Spielberg


2. Place SkidPad
2. Place Endurance
3. Place Acceleration
3. Place Cost Report

Formula Student Germany


2. Place Engineering Design

FOrmula Student Spain
Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona


2. Place SkidPad
3. Place Business Plan