About GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart

The GreenTeam is one of two Formula Student Teams of the University of Stuttgart. It was founded in 2009 by former members of the other racing team, called Rennteam, who wanted to participate in the Formula Student Electric (FSE) competitions. This racing series was just established for vehicles with electric drive only.


Right from the start, the GreenTeam set high standards. Therefore, the last years were very successful – e.g. with first places in Hockenheim and Italy in 2010, a third place in Hockenheim in 2012, first places in Italy and China in 2013, a second place in Hockenheim in 2014 as well as a first place in China. In 2017 we won the prestigous Formula Student Germany for the second time.

E0711-8 – THE 8th GENERATION

The Season 2018 is the 9th possible year for the GreenTeam to shine. About 30 students work together for only one goal: to finish first! The new racing car is called E0711-9. Its concept is ambitious and uncompromising.
Designed to be reliable and fast, this car is supposed to keep up with the successes of its predecessors.

E0711-9 – THE TEAM

Designing and building a perfect racing car is not the only challenge that the team has to face while also leading a successful “company”. Financial planning, documenting and publishing successes and failures is required on the way to the top. Therefore, students from many fields of study can become member of the team: the classical fields such as machine engineering or electrical engineering are well represented. But also students majoring business administration, humanities and communication studies are important to the team. Furthermore, the members study not only at the University of Stuttgart, but also at the University of Hohenheim.
The GreenTeam is a registered association that is completely financed by sponsors.