A short Overview

E0711-1 Season 2009/2010


In October 2009, some experienced alumni of the Rennteam Uni Stuttgart founded the GreenTeam. The aim was to build a racing car with a sheer electrical drive and to compete with this car on Formula-Student-Electric competitions (which had just got introduced at that time). The F0711-3, the racing car of the Rennteam Uni Stuttgart that had won the world championship in 2008, was used as a basis for the E0711-1. The space frame got optimized and an electric drive was implemented. By constructing the first electric racing car, the main focus was set on the optimal integration of the E-motor and an optimal battery management. The E1 already succeeded in the first two electric competitions ever and was the overall winner, so the GreenTeam started its career with a first place in the world rankings.

E0711-2 Season 2010/2011


For the E0711-2, a change of concept occurred. Instead of a tubular frame (as in the first season) it was used a Carbon-Aluminium honeycomb monocoque. In Hockenheim, the E2 reached second place, in Italy it was in 7th place. For the second season, the tried and tested concepts were kept but optimised and as a result the weight was reduced.
In summer 2012, the E0711-2 was re-activated for an official Guinness world record attempt. We were able to secure the entry for the electric car with the fastest acceleration. With the notable success of 2,681s from 0-100km/h we were world record holder for more than one year. In 2013, the Formula Student team DUT Racing of TU Delft beat our E0711-2 with a fabulous time time of 2,134s, which is the current world record time.

E0711-3 Season 2011/2012


The E0711-3 convinced especially with its reliability and its ingenious drivability. In Austria the E3 reached second place, in Hockenheim and Spain it came in third place.

In October 2012 the GreenTeam had the possibility to have a very special experience: to participate in its first international contest. As a guest-team we were able to participate at the Formula Student competition in China, although we were excluded from the score, it was a great experience for the whole team.


E0711-4 Season 2012/2013


In September 2014, the GreenTeam started to work on the E0711-4. The revolutionary design of the E0711-4 was a major challenge for the whole team. It was the first time that the car had a four-wheel drive and an aero package at its disposal. Furthermore, the E0711-4 had electrical self-developments such as the BMS and the controller. All in all we were able to save another 30kg of weight.
The E4 participated at the competitions in Silverstone, UK, and ended up in 14th place as we couldn’t finish the endurance due to steering issues. Also the competitions in Hockenheim were not particularly successful as we had some technical issues during the whole event. So we finished in 26th place in Hockenheim and a good 5th place in Austria. Finally, the E4 was able to show its full potential in Italy and won the competition.
Some of the team members were also able to present the E0711-4 in China – this time as a regular participant. Again, the GreenTeam ended up as the overall winner of the competition.

E0711-5 Season 2013/2014


The compilation of the team started very early so the development of the car went rapidly forward and we were able to start the testing phase quite early. Everything went well until we experienced a serious setback. However, the team was able to rebuild the car in no time: the E0711-5.2. Due to the lost time we were not able to attend the competitions in Silverstone, but our “Phoenix” showed its full potential in Hockenheim, where we set the new acceleration world record and were ranked second in the overall appraisal. We also competed in Austria and Spain and of course in China, where we again ended up as the overall winner of the competition.


E0711-7 Season 2015/2016

In autumn 2015 the team started with the design and construction. Besides improving legacy systems to increase the car’s reliability and performance, some amazing technical innovations such as battery oil cooling and a mono-spring system were implemented. In more than a thousand kilometers  of test runs a lot of data has been collected and parameters and systems have been adjusted to lay the foundation for further developments.

The E0711-7 competed successfully on track as well: it reached 3rd place both in Hockenheim and in Spielberg.


E0711-8 Season 2016/2017

The E0711-8 was a great success for the team. Four podium finishes at four competitions, including the overall Formula Student Germany victory at Hockenheim, are the impressive record of success. The team began designing and constructing the new vehicle as early as September 2017. In addition to optimizing already working components, the team also produced a new monocoque, the two batteries were brought together and transferred from the side boxes to the rear end of the car. On the one hand, weight could be saved and on the other hand, the aeorodynamics were improved.

The accomplishments also helped to reach the first place in the world ranking – for the first time since the team’s debut season in 2010.