Test work with the E0711-9

From mid-May to mid-July, the GreenTeam focused on testing its new electric racing car. To participate in the Formula Student competitions as competitively as possible, the team finished an extensive test program with the E0711-9. Day and night shifts were utilized to make the best possible use of the limited time. While the test team covered as many kilometres as possible with the E0711-9 the car was then prepared by the service shift during the night.
In the beginning, the system had to be basically made operational. This also included important stress tests, e.g. for the suspension. The reliability of the racing car, as the results of the past clearly show, is a key element for a successful season. The stress tests were followed by setup work. Ultimately, this is a matter of finding a compromise that gives the drivers the necessary confidence to find their personal limit to push the car. The team completed a distance of nearly 700 kilometres before heading to the first event of the season.The team is optimistic about the season. “The tests were satisfying and we achieved a good mileage”, says team leader Matthias Bildersheim. “The atmosphere in the team is positive and we are looking forward to the upcoming events.” (Photo ¬© Max Partenfelder)