Review: Rollout 2018

GreenTeam, RennTeam and GreenTeam Driverless presented their current Formula Student racing cars to the public on May 4th. The E0711-9 is a consistent evolution of its successful predecessor. The first race is scheduled for July 18-22 at the Formula Student East in Hungary.

The brand-new E0711-9 relies on the same monocoque shape that was already the basis of its successful predecessor. The colouring, however, is chosen even more aggressively. The last white surface on the front of the vehicle has now given way to the dark, shiny carbon fibres.
No one in the team wanted to rest on last year’s success, quite the contrary: the 35 or so team members have shown their full commitment over the past few months to further optimise the concept and get the most out of each individual component. Stagnation is ultimately a step backwards in a competition that depends on hundredths and thousandths of seconds. And the competition is growing from year to year.
With around 1000 spectators, the Carl-Benz Arena was filled to capacity for the presentation of no less than three cars. In addition to the GreenTeam, the RennTeam and the GreenTeam Driverless also presented their new racing cars. There was a crackling tension in the air before the unveiling of the vehicles. Different videos presented the three teams, but also the Formula Student competition format with its different static and dynamic disciplines.

Unveiling of the vehicles is the highlight

But the highlight of the evening is of course the unveiling of the three Formula Student cars. Until then, the main protagonists stood on stage covered by cloths and illuminated in the respective team colour. For the team members who worked on the cars until shortly before the presentation – time is always short – there was a small moment of relaxation that could be enjoyed together with family and friends. The rollout is an important step on the way to the competitions, but should also be a platform to thank the sponsors, partners and supporters without whom racing cars at such a high technical level would not be possible.
After the show, big grapes form around the new vehicles: everyone wants to see the racing cars up close and take a closer look at the important details, such as the suspension system with two separately working springs.
Even if the visual proximity to the predecessor is obvious, larger differences are noticeable. These mainly concern aerodynamics. The details on the side boxes appear considerably more complex and the rear wing has an additional element introduced. “You can be proud of what you have achieved”, says team leader Matthias Bildersheim to all the team members. “We are looking forward to the coming season, but at the same time we still have to put in a lot of energy into the upcoming test phase.”

The Rollout in picutres: