Preview: Rollout 2018

As of yet, the members of the GreenTeam have been working for almost eight months on their new vehicle for the 2018 season. Construction and conception,  production of the parts and the assembly of the car are subject to a strict deadline: the official rollout on May 4, 2018. Until then all screws and bolts should fit. In the best case, the first system tests have already been completed as well. Thus, the team can start the first test drives immediately after the rollout.
The rollout is a first real highlight and an important stop on the way to the Formula Student competitions which take place in July and August. The team needs enough time between the rollout and the first event to sort out possible problems and prepare for the various dynamic disciplines.

Three teams, three cars
This year’s rollout sticks to the tradition that GreenTeam and RennTeam present their new racing cars together. The GreenTeam was once founded by former RennTeam members. The joint building, which the two teams have moved into this year, has further intensified the cooperation. The combined rollout underlines the close connection between the two teams.
2017 was the first year in which Formula Student competitions were held for autonomous vehicles, too. Alumni and members of the support association went on to found the GreenTeam Driverless which now acts as a subteam of the GreenTeam with its own sponsors. The basis of the autonomous racing car named E7001 is the 2016 seaon’s vehicle, the E0711-7. All three teams are going to unveil their vehicles on May 4.

To get to know the history of the GreenTeam the former racecars will be shown in the foyer of the Carl-Benz Arena. You can follow the “heritage” from our first electric car, the E0711-1 (2010), which still had a lattice tube frame, to the former world record vehicle, which accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h in 1.779 seconds, to the winning vehicle of the 2017 season. The increasingly complex aerodynamic packages are certainly the most conspicuous. Wings, deflectors and diffusers now generate an immense downforce. Combined with the active torque distribution on the four separately driven wheels, the Formula Sudent vehicles of the latest generation achieve extremely high cornering speeds.
The GreenTeam aims to build on last year’s successes with its new E0711-9. However, the rollout is only a first step to maintain the team’s goals. The real potential of the new electric car can only be seen in direct comparison with other competing teams. After all, they too are continuously developing their vehicle concepts and trying to get every tenth of a second out of their cars.

Pictures of the 2017 Rollout: