Season review – Part 2: Formula Student Austria

The victory at the Formula Student East event came with great surprise for the whole team. But the fantastic result in Hungary also led to rising expectations for the upcoming competitions in Spielberg, Hockenheim and Barcelona. Unfortunately, an isolation fault which the team detected just the day before its departure to Austria caused a small delay. Luckily, the scrutineering in Austria was not a problem for the then well-prepared car and thus, the dynamic disciples were not influenced negatively.

The team scored good results in the static disciplines. Second place in the costreport and first place in the business plan ensured an excellent position, with the dynamic disciplines still to come. The first dynamics were acceleration and skidpad. The continuous improvements throughout the four acceleration runs helped to score a satisfying third place. Skidpad was even better. With an advantage of over one tenth of a second, the GreenTeam achieved another first place and thus 75 points.

Hit by the rain

“A small rain shower was forecasted for the afternoon session with the autocross coming up”, remembers Philipp Mayer. However, the team was hit by surprise: heavy rain that pelted down way earlier than expected. The Autocross even had to be interrupted. Until then the GreenTeam had only set one lap time. With 45 minutes to go, the race control decided to reopen the racetrack. But the track did not dry out completely in the remaining minutes. No improvements were possible. Although the Autocross did not go according to plan, the result was nevertheless respectable: once again a third place. Nevertheless, the team lost some points to its competitors, especially AMZ Racing (Zurich) who dominated the autocross with a superb lap time.

With the endurance coming up three teams could still hope for the overall victory: AMZ Racing (ETH Zurich), KA-RaceIng (KIT) and the GreenTeam. The weather on race day was incredibly hot. Many teams feared cooling problems and accordingly the failure rate was high. Only

five teams completed the full race distance of 22 kilometers. Due to the oil cooling, the GreenTeam however hoped to have an advantage over its competitors. But right after the start, the GreenTeam car suddenly stopped. A system reset was necessary and costed a lot of time. In the second half of the race the engines cut out again. As a consequence, the car had to be driven with rear-wheel-drive only. “We were still able to post competitive lap times, thanks to a strong driver performance”, says Philipp Mayer. But the problems eliminated all chances to claim the overall victory. Nevertheless, the team could score a podium finish yet again. “The third place was a strong result”, concludes Philipp Mayer. “But with the almost perfect display until the endurance, it felt a little disappointing.”