ZF Teambuilding: Winter In the Black Forest

Our second teambuilding, organized by ZF, took place in the black forest from January 10 to 12. The team members were challenged with many tasks and problems which could only be solved through cooperation and with team spirit. “We grew together as a team,” says project manager
Matthias Bildersheim in retrospect. The ability to work in a team is important for the upcoming season and it is a central component, if you want to be successful.

In contrast to the daily routines in the GreenTeam workshop, the team members spent a lot of time in the countryside. Thus, to experience the winter landscape of the black forest the team went on a snowshoe hike to the top of the Feldberg which was both, exhausting and rewarding at the same time.

The goal for the teambuilding was to try and prepare our team members for the forthcoming challenges during the fabrication of the new car and the Formula Studen competitions. “All in all, the teambuilding was pretty cool and helped us to focus on our future work”, says Matthias Bildersheim who is looking forward to the new season with confidence.