Season review – Part 1: Formula Student East

Going into the first event in Hungary, the team was quite sceptical due to problems during the testing periood. Nevertheless, the team wanted to face the competition with high spirit. The first event is always an indicator for the following competitions; as it is hard to predict in advance the performance of the car and the team.
The team handled the statics, i. e. business plan, cost report and design event, very well and placed themselves just behind Delft in second place. They even managed to build a small point gap to other favorites such as Zurich and Karlsruhe. The results of the dynamic disciplines skid padd, acceleration and autocross were extremely close. Given the announced rain, timing was extremely important. Since the two drivers nominated for each discipline have only two runs each, the teams try to get the best track conditions possible. As the weather conditions changed rapidly, luck became a decisive factor. Delft managed to put in a final run right before the end of the session. After all their struggles on this day it was quite surprising that they pulled off a fantastic laptime and finished in second place. In doing so, they pushed the GreenTeam back to third place at literally the last second of the session.

Decision in the endurance
The overall results were nothing but set in stone with the endurance still on the line. Delft, Karlsruhe (KA RaceIng), Zurich (AMZ) and the GreenTeam were still in the run for first place. The tension was at its high peak when a rain break interrupted the endurance. Whereas the GreenTeam and KA RaceIng fought for every tenth of a second, Zurich had to retire its car. Delft had problems as well. Therefore, they lost a lot of time. The GreenTeam and Karlsruhe stayed head-to-head throughout the entire distance, so that the number of thrown cones and the respective penalty seconds decided the results. Predictions were too close to call. It was not until the award ceremony that the tension was released. The GreenTeam was able to cheer twice: Victory in the endurance and as a result of that the overall victory in Hungary. “This was an outstanding result, especially regarding the expectations we had in advance”, explains Philipp Mayer. “Not only the car, but the team worked as well. That was very positive.”
Only the boldest optimists had expected a victory in Hungary Especially after a problematic test period. The team was all the more delighted about the very strong start to the season.