Go-Karting – who is fastest?

What happens when engineers and technicians reach into the steering wheel themselves? So if – to put it bluntly – they are driving a car instead of building one? The competitive streak of some of the team members, who fought for the fastest lap times during our karting competition, was clear to see.
In Neckartenzlingen, 21 team members ventured with the 6.5 hp karts on the wavy and 315-metre-long track which comprises eight left and seven right bends. Two qualifying sessions determined the grid for the two races and divided the 21 drivers into two groups. The time of the fastest lap decided the sorting of the grid. However, compared to the faster drivers, the second grid offered fairer motorsport: clean overtaking manoeuvres and finely fought duels characterized the race.
In Grid 1, on the other hand, the drivers drove more aggressively and fought hard for their positions.

Since the dynamic disciplines of a Formula Student competition are also determined by the talent of the drivers’ pool, go-karting is also regarded as the first step to decide the driver selection. Thus, it is not a pure fun event.
Clear favourites for the seats of the Formula Student racing car could not yet emerge. However, further comparative runs are already planned.