Team driving 2017 (Video

The team driving is intended to give each team member the chance to drive the formula student car he or she has helped to design. On several weekend appointments, usually in October, after the end of the current season, the team moves out onto the test track.

For most of the team members, the view from the car is a completely new perspective. Tightly laced in the narrow monocoque, they hold the steering wheel of a real formula car in their hands. At the beginning, only a slight buzzing indicates that the E0711-8 – the type designation for the eighth generation of the GreenTeam – is ready to drive. A last instruction from the outside, then the visor folds down and with a careful step on the accelerator pedal the racing car moves almost inconspicuously and sets off on the course marked out with cones. However, the inconspicuousness of the first few metres, which can certainly be explained by the lack of a sound coming from an internal combustion engine, is enormously deceiving. Once off the leash, the E0711-8 with its mighty front and rear wings achieves impressive cornering speeds. And even inexperienced drivers gain confidence lap after lap, as they brake later and accelerate earlier. After the efforts of the several competitions, team driving is once again a highlight for many team members who want to end the season with own driving impressions from the track.

A video showing some impressions of this year’s team driving can be found on our Youtube channel.